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Protecting Blacks girls is racial justice 

Hope’s story matters because Hope matters. But her story is also a window into a world where Black girls are too rarely valued, and too often failed by the systems that should be protecting them. 

Black girls live their lives at the intersection of institutional racism, misogyny and gender-based violence. This intersectionality - a term  created by Black feminists to speak to the ways these oppressions overlap, coexist and reinforce one another - is a defining reality for Hope.

#ProtectBlackGirls #WeWalkforHer #Justice for Hope

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Healing and Care for Hope

Please bring items for a care and wellness package for Hope and other girls like her who are in the state's psychiatric treatment facility.


  • Black girl books

  • Art supplies

  • Hygiene and personal care

  • Black hair care products

  • Clothing (new, pre-teen)

  • Cards and affirmations

Please bring an offering for the Black Girlhood Altar. The Black Girlhood Altar is a site of protest, creating visibility for missing Black girls. Artists at ALWH co-created the Coalition for Hope, a group of seven racial and gender justice organizations that came together to demand justice for Hope, a 10-year-old Black girl in Chicago. The Black Girlhood Altar will reclaim space at the motel in resistance to violence. Activated by protest, performance, and community healing practices, the installation represents the sacred cry for justice and protection for Black girls. Community members are invited to bring offerings for the altar and care package items for Hope and other girls in residential treatment for trauma.

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