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Day for Hope Protest

#ProtectBlackGirls #WeWalkforHer #JusticeforHope

Grand Motel  |  Sunday, May 2, 2021 12-3pm  |  10022 S Halsted St Chicago, IL

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Hope is a Black girl who deserves safety and freedom

#JusticeforHope #ProtectBlackGirls #WeWalkforHer

Hope is a 10-year-old Black girl from Chicago, Illinois who deserves safety and freedom. Between 2017 and 2020, Chicago authorities were repeatedly informed that Hope was in danger. Twelve incidents of abuse and neglect were reported. These authorities failed to act on Hope’s behalf,  not once, but on multiple occasions. A series of Chicago systems have continued to fail Hope. Despite those who tried to intervene, including a teacher at the Chicago elementary school she attended, and motel employees who reported abuse to authorities, there has been no justice for Hope.

In 2020, over a period of several months, Hope was repeatedly sexually assaulted by multiple men, across state lines. She was found at the Grand Motel where she was being held and assaulted. When the Chicago Police Department finally responded to the call, they declined to arrest the known perpetrators in the case (to date, only one of these men has been arrested). 

The sexual violence and exploitation that Hope has endured could have been prevented. Hope spent months in the custody of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and she is still in need of protection. Hope has not yet been placed in an emotionally safe, age appropriate home. When in December 2020, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services placed Hope in the custody of a state funded protective care program, they moved her into a residential psychiatric facility. As of April, 2021, Hope was moved to a group home.

Hope lives in Chicago, the third largest metropolitan city in the United States, yet she has not been afforded justice or responsive care as a child victim of severe trauma. Concerned members of the community who understand the importance of an environment in which Hope can heal continue to advocate for the right care and for justice.

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